Fine Arts Calendar

Date Group Event Time

04/07/18 MS Band Dells Contest 8:00
04/07/18 MS Or. Interp Brookings Invite TBA
04/09/18 MS Or. Interp Florence Invite TBA
04/13/18 HS Drama High School Spring Play 7:00
04/14/18 HS Drama High School Spring Play 7:00
04/25/18 HS Band/Vocal Region II Large Group Contest Harrisburg TBA

05/08/18 Fine Arts Fine Arts Award Night 6:30
05/10/18 5-6 Band/Vocal Spring Concert 7:00
05/14/18 7-12 Band Spring Concert 7:00
05/15/18 7-12 Vocal Spring Concert 7:00
05/19/18 HS Band/Vocal 2017-18 Graduation 2:00

05/28/18 MS & HS Band Memorial Day Park/Parade TBA

HS Vocal National Anthem Vocal Dates = Aug. 24 / Sept. 5, 25   /   Oct. 10, 23   /   Dec. 2, 21, 29   /   Jan. 2, 9, 15, 19, 30  /   Feb. 2, 16, 17, *20, *27  /  May 7, 17, 24   /   June 4, 5 TBA
08/17/17MS Band (5th)Instrument Display6:30
09/08/17Pep BandFootball vs Belle Fourche6:15
09/11/17HS Band/VocalCoronation8:00
09/11/17HS VocalHomecoming Coronation8:00
09/12/17Pep BandVolleyball vs. Canton (Homecoming)6:15
09/15/17MS/HS Marching BandDells Homecoming Parade1:00
09/15/17Pep BandFootball vs. West Central (Homecoming)6:15
09/15/17Pep BandVolleyball vs. Garretson6:15
09/22/17HS Marching BandMenno Band DayTBA
09/28/17Pep BandVolleyball vs Lennox6:15
09/29/17HS Marching BandWatchdog Marching Fest BeresfordTBA
09/29/17HS Band/VocalAll-FA Pep RallyTBA
09/30/175-6 Vocal/BandWinter Concert7:00
10/02/17HS Or. InterpMilbank FestivalTBA
10/06/17HS Marching BandLake Area Festival of Bands ChesterTBA
10/06/17Pep BandFootball vs. Milbank6:15
10/07/17HS Marching BandFestival of Bands Sioux FallsTBA
10/07/17HS Or. InterpRoosevelt InviteTBA
10/12/17HS VocalAll-State Chorus "prep” Day Brookings8:00
10/13/17Pep BandFootball vs. Flandreau6:15
10/14/17HS Or. InterpPatriot Stars/Stripes SFLTBA
10/16/17HS Or. InterpLennox InviteTBA
10/16/17HS Quiz BowlSF Christian Invite3:30
10/17/17Pep BandVolleyball vs. Madison6:15
10/20/17HS Or. InterpOrange/Black OI Festival SFWTBA
10/21/17HS Or. InterpDakota State Festival TBA
10/23/17HS Or. InterpBrookings Fall Festival TBA
10/26/17Pep BandFootball Playoffs (tentative)TBA
10/27/17HS VocalAll-State Chorus Sioux FallsTBA
10/28/17HS VocalAll-State Chorus Sioux FallsTBA
10/30/17HS Quiz BowlGSFHSA/O’G3:30
10/31/17Pep BandVolleyball Playoffs (tentative)TBA
10/31/17MS BandHalloween Concert Tour Nursing HomesTBA
11/03/17HS Or. Interp/Adv. Warrior Invite SFWTBA
11/06/17HS Quiz BowlDell Rapids Invite3:30
11/09/17HS Quiz BowlCanton Invite3:30
11/10/17HS Band/VocalVeteran’s Day ProgramTBA
11/10/17HS Band Augustana Band FestivalTBA
11/11/17HS Band Augustana Band FestivalTBA
11/13/17HS Quiz BowlSF Roosevelt Invite3:30
11/14/17HS Or. InterpRegion Contest SDSUTBA
11/27/17HS BandEast Central Honor Band SDSUTBA
11/27/17HS Quiz BowlTri-Valley InviteTBA
11/29/17HS Band/VocalAll-School FA Pep RallyTBA

11/30/175-6 Band/VocalWinter Concert7:00
12/01/17HS Or. InterpState OI Contest AberdeenTBA
12/02/17HS Or. InterpState OI Contest AberdeenTBA
12/05/177-12 VocalWinter Concert7:00
12/07/177-12 BandWinter Concert7:00
12/11/175-12 BandWinter Concert Make-up DateTBA
12/14/17Elem MusicElem. Winter Concert2:00 & 7:00
12/15/17Pep BandGBB/BBB DH vs. Tea5:45
01/04/18Pep BandGBB/BBB DH vs. Beresford5:45
01/08/18Pep BandGBB vs. Lennox6:15
01/13/18All-State BandAll-State Auditions SF LincolnTBA
01/16/18Pep Band Dak XII Home Wrestling5:00
01/18/18Pep BandBBB vs. Madison6:15
01/22/18HS Quiz BowlBrandon Valley InviteTBA
01/24/18HS Drama1-Act Play Region Contest MadisonTBA
01/25/18Pep BandGBB/BBB DH vs. Vermillion5:45
01/30/18HS BandRegion II Solo & Ens Contest AugustanaTBA
02/01/18HS Drama1-Act Play State Contest BrandonTBA
02/02/18HS Drama1-Act Play State Contest BrandonTBA
02/03/18HS Drama1-Act Play State Contest BrandonTBA
02/05/18HS Quiz BowlTea Area InviteTBA
02/09/18MS VocalSF Stampede – Nat’l Anthem Sioux FallsTBA

02/20/18Pep Band G & B BB Playoffs (tentative)TBA
02/26/18HS Band/VocalPops Concert7:00

02/27/18Pep Band G & B BB Playoffs (tentative)TBA
03/01/18MS Band/VocalCelebration of Music Festival BrandonTBA
03/02/18MS Vocal/BandCelebration of Music Festival BrandonTBA
03/05/18MS & HS JazzUpper Great Plains Festival Augustana8:00
03/05/18MS Quiz BowlDak XII Lennox3:30
03/06/18MS & HS JazzUpper Great Plains Festival Augustana8:00
03/06/18MS Quiz BowlCanton InviteTBA
03/12/18HS VocalRegion II Solo/Ens Contest AugustanaTBA
03/12/18HS Quiz BowlDak XII Dell Rapids3:30
03/13/18Jazz BandCoyote Festival USD8:00
03/19/18MS Quiz Bowl (7-8)Tri-Valley InviteTBA
03/22/18HS BandAll-State Band Rapid City8:00
03/23/18HS BandAll-State Band Rapid City8:00
03/24/18HS BandAll-State Band Rapid City8:00
04/03/18Jazz BandSDSU Jazz Festival Brookings8:00
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