The Fine Arts Boosters would like to provide all students in our fine arts programs with the opportunity to enhance their skills through private lessons and camps. This $50 scholarship can be used by students in grades 7-12 for private lessons for band, choir, and drama, as well as camps for all fine arts students. 

The May 1 scholarship is available to students entering grades 7-12 next school year. There are three scholarship deadlines to allow for private lessons during the school year, and there is a limit of one scholarship per person per school year. To be specific, if a student takes private lessons using a September 15 scholarship, they will not be able to get a May 1 scholarship to also go to camp that year. They could, however, use a May 1 scholarship this year for camp and also take private lessons next fall…but then they don’t get a camp scholarship next May. 

Directors will need to sign off on the private lessons so we know that the student and instructor are a good match that will benefit their programs. 

Fine Arts Boosters will pay the money to the camp or instructor directly. If someone has already signed up for a camp and paid, we will reimburse them if they can get a receipt from the camp.

This scholarship is contingient upon the student's participation in the camp or private lessons. If the student doesn’t participate or takes one lesson and decides it’s too hard, the scholarship will need to be returned to us and the student pays any cancellation fees. A copy of this form will be mailed with the check so the camp/instructor knows that the scholarship is contingent on the student’s participation. The student will not be approved for another scholarship during that school year if the contingency is used.

Submit applications to the HS office. Applications will be approved at the next meeting of the Fine Arts Boosters after the deadline and payments will be sent during the week after the meeting.